What are some of the benefits of mediation?

1. Settlement of the dispute in a timely manner. The parties are in control of how long the process takes.
2. Mediation focuses on settlement negotiations, simplifies correspondence and the exchange of documents and allows agreements between the parties to be reached quickly.
3. Mediation is much more cost effective than any other method of dispute resolution and settlement. The costs of litigation is so expensive, as well as being mentally and physically exhausting and overwhelming.
4. The mediator does not make a decision or force any party to accept a settlement. The parties agree to attend the mediation and participate in a good faith effort to settle the matter. The parties are always in full control of the outcome.
5. Mediation is confidential. Unlike court proceedings, all mediation sessions are confidential, therefore, any negotiations during the mediation process do not become part of the public record.
6. Mediation is particularly useful in situations where the parties will be working together after the dispute is resolved, and the Mediation process preserves the continuing relationships.
7. The final agreement between the parties will be prepared in writing and signed by all of the parties, which makes it a binding agreement.